Welcome to My Journey

This may seem strange but I have always felt like I was in another world  my entire life, in a coma like state. I functioned the way I was supposed to and took care of all my responsibilities but never acknowledged my desire to be the artist ( to take action and investigate the possibilities). I dabbled in crafts and sketched all the time but to actually devote time and effort away from my family and financial responsibilities was consider taboo. I welcome everyone to join in on my journey to become the best artist I can possibly become. I will gladly share my failures and accomplishments,also my fears and curiosities. I hope along the way to make great art and great friendships. My computer skills are limited but growing. I share the fact that the title of this blog should be (abiggerpicture.me) but you can see the results. At first I was embarrassed but I actually em brass being different.  So far in my college adventures I have taken drawing and painting classes extensively-this is a sign that I feel comfortable in this medium-even though I never painted anything before attending college, also one ceramic class and a few intro computer classes. You now know my artistic background.

Part of my Creek Project


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  1. jks

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your work…all of your work! jks

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