Well…here it is March first and I have not started my final project for Professional seminar class. I have a series of sketches going for drawing class and I was assuming I could use this series for this class too…I was wrong. So now what? I want to stay in the same theme as the series but I think I will change the medium,maybe oils and acrylic with a touch of  encaustic  and a dash of ink. Did I mention that my real job (the one that pays the bill… for now) is a bakery manager?

I have just finished reading a book about David Hockney( my all time favortie artist) and I was surprised to find that he has done a series of paintings similar to my idea for this project. I want to take six or nine canvases and make one cohesive painting;an entire wall of canvases. I know I always attempt to do something out of the ordinary and half way through I am shaking my head and wondering what the h— I am doing but I will probably give it a go. My apprehension is the fact that I want to try a new technique that I haven’t ever done. Now is this crazy? But you know what,I never tried college and that seems to be working out.

I just remember my professor saying take a deep breath and jump…go for it or you will never know if you could. I say that or should I say I write that with strong conviction but …anyway , I will try to document the progress because I seem to be doing that recently with everything I create, mainly because not only am I fascinated by the art that artists create, I am also fascinated with their processes.


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