Truck Series

During my sophomore year I painted a truck that I spied in the woods during one of my photo outings. This little abandoned truck lead to a series of about twelve pieces of art. I varied the compositions and the techniques and the medium and I worried about being known as the truck lady but as I continued through that semester, I started to look closer into the decay of the trucks. The texture and colors of rust fascinated me. This was my virgin journey into the microscopic world.

Strange how one thing, an old dilapidated truck could spark a creative idea that could lead to so much more. You never know where the inspiration will come from and actually I am inspired by everyday things constantly. I have ideas pop up all the time and now I have to write them down in my sketchbook or they will fly right out of my brain as quickly as they came in. I think this is why artistic people are always open with each other… it’s the possibilities.

Below this post is a photo of one of the paintings if you click the photo you will be taken to my flicker stream to see the entire series, then click back to return to blog. Hope you enjoy.


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