The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

When I started this blog I told you I would share the good and the bad. Well, today seems to be turning into one of those bad days. I have been working on a sketch for seven days,everyday and usually I can figure out how to get what I see in my mind into my artwork. Today is different.  Right around day four of this creation I could tell I had taken a misstep. The water in the creek looked funky. I stepped away to give the art work time to speak to me and I dreamt about it all night. I have an unusual knack for figuring things out when I am about to go to sleep. When it comes to an art project it never leaves my mind until I have a concept, a direction in which I feel I can get the most out of my imagination.

This piece is fighting me back, every solution that I try looks good when I am doing it but after about ten minutes of work I can tell it’s not the image in my head. I thought for the first time during this series that maybe I should abandon this sketch…this is usually not my nature especially since I try not to put my art in a precious category, I have no qualms with wiping something out and starting all over. I guess since I just admitted this to you that I better live up to my own words and not give up on this one.

What I am finding is the fact that I need a change, this is the seventh sketch in six weeks and I think I need a change in medium. Yes, time to get out the oils,acrylics and encaustic. I feel better already. So we covered the bad and believe me also the ugly(For Now) and now I’ll go do some of the good.


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