Artist Talks

Yesterday …March nineth, our class presented the first in a series of artists talks that will be given throughout the semester by the artists in our Professional Seminar Class. The first set of four artists proved that we are in for a good semester. The entire class was a joy, everyone’s art work was interesting and their talks gave you insight not only into their creative process but also into their personal lives. One presenter was so professional…not only in her presentation but also in her dress that I actually thought I was in work and attending a business conference.  Family traditions where introduce and have actually become part of one students portfolio, I am amazed how something so simple as a holiday tradition can become an art process but it seems logical when you look at stain glass art or Tiffany Eggs or even pottery, all of these must have started within a family.  The photographers were amazing and their processes ,I found fascinating.

I am a project runway fan and in the latest show on “Runway All Stars” Mondo(my favorite) acknowledge he did not sketch when he created his pieces and in class Friday one of the presenter also confessed he did not sketch when he created his works. It was like something out of art resembling life, I wanted to tell him he was the Mondo of the art world but figured no one would know what I was talking about.

There is sooo much that we can learn from one another and this is one of many reasons why I am so very grateful to finally be in college, fulfilling a dream I have had for so long.


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