Giclee Prints

Today, I am going to explore the world of giclee prints. Accompanied by my husband who is not only my muse…especially his outrageous imagination and sense of humor…but he is  also the technical (GO-TO) guy in our partnership. I want to create  and will dive into a project without thinking about chemical reactions or cohesiveness of material and Joe ,he thinks about this stuff so much I could scream. Together we mesh. Since Joe has a background in Photography(Military) and art conservation,woodworking and now ceramics,I depend on his knowledge to steer me in the right direction when I go off on a tangent

We are armed with a few sketches and directions to three print shops. I know your thinking the same as me…why not call and get info…but Joe wants to see the operations before we decide. I look at it as an opportunity to shoot some interesting photos. I am still finding it hard to push my art. I do feel I have become a better artist then when I started college but I know I still have so much to learn. This is a big step for me but the excitement is mixed with fear. Yes! I need to stop with the buts….so I am going to get my BUTT out of here. I hope to report some valuable info from this venture.


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