First Festival and Art exhibition

First Festival and Art exhibition

I have entered my first art exhibition. The call for art was in the form of an e-mail and I decided to try and see what happens; I entered eight in the hopes of at least getting one into the exhibition. When the acceptance letter came and I found out all eight where in I of course was elated but then I wondered … and my insecurities(that I thought where under control since starting college) presented themselves in the form of self doubt. Did they accept all eight because the submissions where low? or maybe they just wanted them because I am a student at the university where the festival is being held.
When I started this blog I stated that I would share my good times and bad and now I share my frailities…I do wonder if I am good enough and I don’t expect a response from anyone. I just want everyone to know that it doesn’t matter how old or how young a person is we are all the same and we will from time to time wonder what the hell we are doing.
College has always been a dream of mine and when the opportunity to attend was presented I cautious accepted. I have wanted to be a successful artist since childhood and now with the knowlege I have acquired I can almost see my dream coming to fruition. A dream without a plan is just a wish. Soooo…wish me luck.




June 19, 2012 · 4:19 pm

6 responses to “First Festival and Art exhibition

  1. annerose

    If all eight are like this one, how could they not accept. It’s such a wonderful painting, no need to feel any self doubt.

  2. annerose

    Hi Linda
    Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate it.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work, too!

  3. If the others are as good as this one there is absolutely no way they accepted it because the submissions were low! It is a complex piece. I love it.

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